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Character Entries 5: Plush Vera

Character Entries 5: Plushie Vera

Personality description:
To understand Plushie Vera, first you have to get to know "regular", non-plushie Vera. I view Vera is being the most like I am irl. She's been my main personal character since about '99, though she's changed drastically along with me over the years. She's garish, exotic, curious, nature-lover, loyal, clumsy, awkward, goofy, adventurous, strong yet gentle, a great swimmer and climber, but a terrible runner. Her only fear is the fear of being hurt/abandoned by her loved ones. She's intense and emotional, with the occasional mood swing, much like a cat. Her biggest fault is her anger and bitterness, but she struggles to not allow it to rear its ugly head too often. She can be suspicious and paranoid about new people, putting on a bolder face to present herself as someone who won't be tricked or taken advantage of... but when around her loved ones, she becomes a pathetically affectionate and playful little kitten.

The only way Vera changes in this form (besides her appearance and other physical traits) is that she becomes quite a bit more... unstable. I feel more like her in this form when I'm feeling trapped in my dream world where everything is alive, unpredictable and frightening. Vera becomes almost like some kind of "mad hatter" personality in this form; with varying personalities and a bit of a manic, invinsible flair. Every moment is like a neverending episode of dissociation. I personally have AiWS, night terrors, and a highly overactive imagination, which combined makes me feel a bit mad and out of control of myself. It's a scary feeling. So while Vera may be acting confident and overbearing in this form, part of what drives her madness is the fear she has of herself, and how her madness tends to overpower her better instincts and true desires. As long as she's feeling loved and positive, however, it's not usually so bad it becomes dangerous. But she's always on the brink, so anything may set her off and either scare or enrage her into a fit of madness. She never stops smiling, no matter how angry she may be... always smiling.

Physical description:
Chubby, plush body, orangey-yellow fur, dark pink (or dark olive) markings, cream belly & face areas, one single swirl on her right cheek and 3 dots on her left, dark purple yarn eyebrows & long yarn hair with a few strands of lime green and hot pink, hot pink button eyes (3), light pink w/ faded purple-blotched "flesh", green/turquoise horns (can be almost any shape, size or pattern), semi-realistic plushie organs made of shiny material w/patches & stitches, surrounded by white fluffy cotton stuffing in place of fatty tissues & muscle, insects living inside her stuffing, light lime green big teeth with fused canines, ultra-long tail (no markings, other than the end having a band of dark pink like her markings, and cream on the tip), puffy plush inner ears, eyeball collar, visible colored stitching, big digitigrade feet w/low-set dewclaws (almost monkey-like), random patches, some patterned like or resembling cockroaches, eyeballs or other bugs.

She is an enchanted plush, which means she has the ability to make her own little friends. Her favorite is KittyMonster, a white monster cat with orange yarn mouth, and alternating purple & green horns, claws and button eyes.

- She is quite thick/chubby.
- Her face is long, like a siamese cat's only a bit more big cat-like.
- She is meant to be more monstrous/frightening than sexy/seductive, though I know sometimes it's a fine line between crazy and sexy. :P
- She's about 7'2", but being a plushie, she may be different heights depending on how much she's altered herself.
- You can go wild with her abilities. She can pull out her guts, sew on multiple limbs, un-stitch herself almost anywhere; temporarily making herself a quad-amputee, or opening her mouth wide enough to swallow a character over half her size.
- She can be used in vorish situations, but no digestion, since she's just made of plush-ness. She sometimes swallows friends for fun, just so they can snuggle up in her innards and have a nap, to be released later through her side-stitching or belly.
- She has a tag on one side of her butt which can read almost anything. It can have humorous text depending on the mood or situation of the pic she's in.

Reference images (click for full un-cropped versions):

(all above by me)

Above art by (in order from first to last):
pirate-cashoo, squeedgemonster, piranhapettingzoo, tetrapoda, tetrapoda
Syntharia_Desire, Inkfall, Tigon(LJ), phantasmic, -marzipan-

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