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Subject: Character Entries 8: Delia

Character Entries 8: Delia the Circus Panda

I adopted this panda girl and turned her into a circus clown. Beyond her personality, I did NOT create her! -marzipan- is the one who designed this adorable character, even her clothing! I only get to be the one who owns her and develops her as a character <3.

Personality description: Delia is a circus clown. She specializes in trapeze/contortion and pantomime, but beyond her amazing skills she uses to make her income as an adult, she is a "little" (she identifies as a little girl), and those closest to her have given her the pet name, "little miss". She is asexual panromantic - meaning that, while she is not sexual, she loves having multiple partners who are happy to hug and cuddle her! She loves to dress herself like a feminine little girl, loves girly 80's toys (she grew up in the 80's and is actually in her early 30's in physical age) and as soon as she heard of "fairy kei", she was hooked, as it was the embodiment of her existing fashion sense! Pastels, plastic hair clips, cute space themes and frills... knitted sweaters, sparkles, rainbows and bows. She is emotionally calm and reserved, but also quite fragile and not too quick to trust. This little is not naive or easy to take advantage of, as she is incredibly aware of the world and has gone through many awful experiences in her life. She's now surrounded by big, strong loved ones who would never let harm come to her. She feels she has little to offer in return and feels tremendously fortunate for them, showing her gratitude by drawing pictures, giving hugs, baking cupcakes and making tea for the people she loves, not to mention offering her rare, endless trust to them. She's very quiet and shy off-stage, and craves companionship with others like her, despite feeling complete with her "grown-up" family... she can't help but wish she had others to play with...

This character is becoming one of my favorites, even though she wasn't created by me... I've become so attached to her and she really helps me to accept and express a big part of myself that I don't often share outside my own close family. I present myself most often as Vera or one of my other more strong and independent characters, but the little inside me will never fully go away, and I don't ever want it to. Though there are a few people throughout my life who have made me feel as though I should; that no mentally competent nearly-30-year-old should "cling" to their childhood so strongly... but it IS a part of me, I/my true loved ones wouldn't have me any other way. :) I'm really thankful I was able to have this character and use her to feel more comfortable and accepting of this vital part of myself. "You've experienced enough hell for three lifetimes, you deserve to put that life behind you, play, and just feel small and safe and happy for the rest of it. Everyone should get to be little again after they've grown up and experienced the poopy parts of being an adult." <3

Random "loves": fairy kei, the circus, contortion, living room camping, throw pillows everywhere, J-pop, 80's & 90's pop, the beach, swimming, swimming pools, inflatable toys, dolls, building blocks, coloring, crayons, glow-in-the-dark things, night lights, her record player, storytelling, songs that tell cute stories, cuddling, onesies, slippers, socks, dresses, ponies, adventures, sewing, making jewelery, girly 80's/early-mid 90's toys (Popples, Furrever Friends, My Little Pony, Keypers, Yum Yums, Darlin' Dinos, Littlest Pet Shop, Brush-A-Loves, Strawberry Shortcake, etc), old cartoons, new cartoons, board games, making her own board games, hide and seek, building plushie forts, puppets, dress-up, yarn, sleeping in plushies, springtime, singing and humming to herself, playing pretend, imaginary friends, ice cream/sweets, leggings, scrunch socks, leotards, small animals and bugs, painting old shoe boxes to look like little houses, being a good, sweet little girl <3

Physical description: Short, but a bit chubby with minimal to no muscle definition. She practices yoga and contortion, but little gymnastics and actual faster-paced exercise. Small feet & hands with stubby little claws, clowny face paint usually present. She dyes her fur and it usually lasts for a week or two when she immediately dyes it again -- rarely seen un-dyed as she LOVES being a 24/7 clown!

Reference Images (click thumbnails - lemme know if they don't work, please! Best examples in bold)

v by -marzipan- . . . . . v by me . . . . . v by CaptainEquinox . . . . . v by sashimineko . . . . . v by tinypuppyprince

^ by miss-octopie . . . . . ^ by kyokos

(^clown paint added by me on the first one)

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