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That Christmas Wish List Thing

As I've said in previous years, I mainly just enjoy making lists of things I like. I enjoy reading things other people want as well, it gives a nice insight into their personality, hobbies etc <3 So no one need get me anything, it's just for fun~ Bold = want most!

~Christmas Wish List 2014~
- G1 My Little Pony (Want list here) esp. sea ponies/shells/floats, petites, plushes, bedding/sleeping bags, posters
- Aaaarrtttt... ;_; <3
- Ethically sourced fur pelts/scraps
- Preserved insects

- Rat hammocks/cage acc.
- Lisa Frank anything (especially characters like )
- Serendipity books
- Raggedy Ann & Andy's Grow & Learn Library books
- Anything to do with the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke
- Books: "A guide to the cockroaches of Australia" by David Rentz, "Cockroaches: Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History" by William J. Bell
- Kaiju figures (esp. older Power Rangers villains, Ultraman, Godzilla)
- Creature From The Black Lagoon stuff
- Vintage Bunny/Kitty/Pony/Puppy Surprise (babies not required but must be clean with non-dryer'd fur)
- Plastic bugs
- Eyeball and cockroach-themed things... anything unique, bizarre, creepy, vintage/antique etc.
- 80's-90's toys of many varieties... Popples, Moondreamers, Ghostbusters, Yum Yums, Lady Lovely Locks, etc.
- Perfume oils, especially from BlackPhoenixAlchemyLab.com
- Clowny props, accessories, etc
- Copic markers
More later XD *yawn*
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