v_e_r_a (v_e_r_a) wrote,

Jess is gone after their 3-week visit and now I don't know what to do with myself. But it's a rather comforting kind of sadness that I feel when someone I love so much leaves me temporarily... to feel that attached and bonded and want them back so badly is such a privilege.

We swam, played games, watched movies & shows, laughed our butts off watching Nick & his best friend, Jason carry on while his wife made amazing food in our kitchen, made a plushie fort and put lights and Jess' laptop in it to watch things and snuggle, talked so much about so many things, huddled together outside in the rain, chased kittens, slept like squishy rocks wrapped all up in blankets, colored in TMNT coloring books, bought cheap toys and junk, played hide-and-seek, read quietly together, read spooky stories out loud to each other in the fort, so much more... all the things I missed doing in my childhood. I finally have someone to really enjoy all that silly stuff with again! ;u; They should be back in late October, yeeee

The 10th is our 4-month anniversary, as well as mine and Nick's 4-year anniversary! I thought that was pretty cool. ^^
Tags: fun, jess, life, nick, partners, relationships
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