v_e_r_a (v_e_r_a) wrote,

This was quite the memorable Halloween! Threw a party, made a bunch of food by myself that came out great, spent time with lots of friends and got married to my lion, finally <3 Halloween is the most magical and special day to me, now even more so. It's a popular day to get married even among people who aren't that into it, apparently. Good thing we weren't going for originality XD

Nick and I have been through a lot together. We both work very hard to keep up with this big new house, but it's completely worth it and everything is starting to really fall into place in our lives. It seemed like as good a time as any to get married :) Our rings are being resized but I'll get pics of them soon, and for those who follow me on facebook, I'll be sharing lots of photos and videos from the party when I get the time. I'm sure everyone cares about these things ;)

How did your Halloween go, if you celebrate it?
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