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May. 5th, 2021


(no subject)

This LJ is public, but I would at least like to know where you're coming from before adding you. Comment to be added, please state your FA/DA/whatever username and whether or not you'd like to view my more personal entries (i.e. are you here just for the art, or would you also like to know more about my [boring] personal life?). I sometimes post art and commission offers here that I don't post anywhere else. :)

Nov. 1st, 2016

Vera - Slimed

(no subject)

This was quite the memorable Halloween! Threw a party, made a bunch of food by myself that came out great, spent time with lots of friends and got married to my lion, finally <3 Halloween is the most magical and special day to me, now even more so. It's a popular day to get married even among people who aren't that into it, apparently. Good thing we weren't going for originality XD

Nick and I have been through a lot together. We both work very hard to keep up with this big new house, but it's completely worth it and everything is starting to really fall into place in our lives. It seemed like as good a time as any to get married :) Our rings are being resized but I'll get pics of them soon, and for those who follow me on facebook, I'll be sharing lots of photos and videos from the party when I get the time. I'm sure everyone cares about these things ;)

How did your Halloween go, if you celebrate it?

Aug. 9th, 2015

Vera - Slimed

(no subject)

Jess is gone after their 3-week visit and now I don't know what to do with myself. But it's a rather comforting kind of sadness that I feel when someone I love so much leaves me temporarily... to feel that attached and bonded and want them back so badly is such a privilege.

We swam, played games, watched movies & shows, laughed our butts off watching Nick & his best friend, Jason carry on while his wife made amazing food in our kitchen, made a plushie fort and put lights and Jess' laptop in it to watch things and snuggle, talked so much about so many things, huddled together outside in the rain, chased kittens, slept like squishy rocks wrapped all up in blankets, colored in TMNT coloring books, bought cheap toys and junk, played hide-and-seek, read quietly together, read spooky stories out loud to each other in the fort, so much more... all the things I missed doing in my childhood. I finally have someone to really enjoy all that silly stuff with again! ;u; They should be back in late October, yeeee

The 10th is our 4-month anniversary, as well as mine and Nick's 4-year anniversary! I thought that was pretty cool. ^^

Dec. 7th, 2014


That Christmas Wish List Thing

As I've said in previous years, I mainly just enjoy making lists of things I like. I enjoy reading things other people want as well, it gives a nice insight into their personality, hobbies etc <3 So no one need get me anything, it's just for fun~ Bold = want most!

~Christmas Wish List 2014~
- G1 My Little Pony (Want list here) esp. sea ponies/shells/floats, petites, plushes, bedding/sleeping bags, posters
- Aaaarrtttt... ;_; <3
- Ethically sourced fur pelts/scraps
- Preserved insects

- Rat hammocks/cage acc.
- Lisa Frank anything (especially characters like )
- Serendipity books
- Raggedy Ann & Andy's Grow & Learn Library books
- Anything to do with the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke
- Books: "A guide to the cockroaches of Australia" by David Rentz, "Cockroaches: Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History" by William J. Bell
- Kaiju figures (esp. older Power Rangers villains, Ultraman, Godzilla)
- Creature From The Black Lagoon stuff
- Vintage Bunny/Kitty/Pony/Puppy Surprise (babies not required but must be clean with non-dryer'd fur)
- Plastic bugs
- Eyeball and cockroach-themed things... anything unique, bizarre, creepy, vintage/antique etc.
- 80's-90's toys of many varieties... Popples, Moondreamers, Ghostbusters, Yum Yums, Lady Lovely Locks, etc.
- Perfume oils, especially from BlackPhoenixAlchemyLab.com
- Clowny props, accessories, etc
- Copic markers
More later XD *yawn*

Jan. 2nd, 2014

Vera - Slimed

Subject: Character Entries 8: Delia

Character Entries 8: Delia the Circus Panda

I adopted this panda girl and turned her into a circus clown. Beyond her personality, I did NOT create her! -marzipan- is the one who designed this adorable character, even her clothing! I only get to be the one who owns her and develops her as a character <3.

Personality description: Delia is a circus clown. She specializes in trapeze/contortion and pantomime, but beyond her amazing skills she uses to make her income as an adult, she is a "little" (she identifies as a little girl), and those closest to her have given her the pet name, "little miss". She is asexual panromantic - meaning that, while she is not sexual, she loves having multiple partners who are happy to hug and cuddle her! She loves to dress herself like a feminine little girl, loves girly 80's toys (she grew up in the 80's and is actually in her early 30's in physical age) and as soon as she heard of "fairy kei", she was hooked, as it was the embodiment of her existing fashion sense! Pastels, plastic hair clips, cute space themes and frills... knitted sweaters, sparkles, rainbows and bows. She is emotionally calm and reserved, but also quite fragile and not too quick to trust. This little is not naive or easy to take advantage of, as she is incredibly aware of the world and has gone through many awful experiences in her life. She's now surrounded by big, strong loved ones who would never let harm come to her. She feels she has little to offer in return and feels tremendously fortunate for them, showing her gratitude by drawing pictures, giving hugs, baking cupcakes and making tea for the people she loves, not to mention offering her rare, endless trust to them. She's very quiet and shy off-stage, and craves companionship with others like her, despite feeling complete with her "grown-up" family... she can't help but wish she had others to play with...

This character is becoming one of my favorites, even though she wasn't created by me... I've become so attached to her and she really helps me to accept and express a big part of myself that I don't often share outside my own close family. I present myself most often as Vera or one of my other more strong and independent characters, but the little inside me will never fully go away, and I don't ever want it to. Though there are a few people throughout my life who have made me feel as though I should; that no mentally competent nearly-30-year-old should "cling" to their childhood so strongly... but it IS a part of me, I/my true loved ones wouldn't have me any other way. :) I'm really thankful I was able to have this character and use her to feel more comfortable and accepting of this vital part of myself. "You've experienced enough hell for three lifetimes, you deserve to put that life behind you, play, and just feel small and safe and happy for the rest of it. Everyone should get to be little again after they've grown up and experienced the poopy parts of being an adult." <3

Random "loves": fairy kei, the circus, contortion, living room camping, throw pillows everywhere, J-pop, 80's & 90's pop, the beach, swimming, swimming pools, inflatable toys, dolls, building blocks, coloring, crayons, glow-in-the-dark things, night lights, her record player, storytelling, songs that tell cute stories, cuddling, onesies, slippers, socks, dresses, ponies, adventures, sewing, making jewelery, girly 80's/early-mid 90's toys (Popples, Furrever Friends, My Little Pony, Keypers, Yum Yums, Darlin' Dinos, Littlest Pet Shop, Brush-A-Loves, Strawberry Shortcake, etc), old cartoons, new cartoons, board games, making her own board games, hide and seek, building plushie forts, puppets, dress-up, yarn, sleeping in plushies, springtime, singing and humming to herself, playing pretend, imaginary friends, ice cream/sweets, leggings, scrunch socks, leotards, small animals and bugs, painting old shoe boxes to look like little houses, being a good, sweet little girl <3

Physical description: Short, but a bit chubby with minimal to no muscle definition. She practices yoga and contortion, but little gymnastics and actual faster-paced exercise. Small feet & hands with stubby little claws, clowny face paint usually present. She dyes her fur and it usually lasts for a week or two when she immediately dyes it again -- rarely seen un-dyed as she LOVES being a 24/7 clown!

Reference Images (click thumbnails - lemme know if they don't work, please! Best examples in bold)

v by -marzipan- . . . . . v by me . . . . . v by CaptainEquinox . . . . . v by sashimineko . . . . . v by tinypuppyprince

^ by miss-octopie . . . . . ^ by kyokos

(^clown paint added by me on the first one)

Other Character Entries:
1. Effigia
2. Gerine
3. Dahana
4. Platiste
5. Plush Vera

6. Ghaliya
7. Pneumo
8. Delia (you are here)

Dec. 6th, 2013


Artists: Christmas Request

My fella has had a rough time at work the past two weeks... he does so much, then comes home and does some more, despite me. :P I've never been with someone so hard-working, and he LOVES it and doesn't hold it against me that I get to sit at home all day drawing for a living and taking care of all our critters. He deserves so much... I'd love him to get nice art for Christmas from more than just me! So if anyone has the time and kindness to do so, his character refs/info can be found HERE! I'd really love to see art of him & Vera together (nothing adult, plz), especially if it's traditional art that could be mailed to us (I'd pay shipping!) by Christmas? Thanks to anyone who does this for him/us ;u; I wish I had the time and money to do more art/send gifts this year... I was really hoping I'd be more caught up by now, but with my main computer down (yes, still - working on it!), it's been tough :c

Sep. 13th, 2013


Character Entries 7: Pneumo

Character Entries 7: Pneumo the Lion

Not my character, but my fiance, Nick's :) I wanted to add him here for ease of reference :)

Personality description:
Pneumo (and Nick) is sweet, intelligent, laid-back, kind-natured, mature, but with a very goofy and adorably juvenile sense of humor at times. He loves science and technology and gets very enthusiastic about cooking exotic, healthy meals made with ingredients fresh from the garden. While he may be quite domestic and gentle-natured, he has a healthily dominant and confident demeanor. As he should; he is a hard-working, kind-hearted, genuinely good creature who would do anything to make his loved ones happy.

Random "loves": super hot peppers/gardening, grilling, cooking Indian food, his cat, Ziggy (pics!), Ron Swanson, Rarity, orange, spiders, the beach, socks (earthy tones, stripes, argyle), reading, Kermit, fancy "gentlemanly" drinks, iconic retro game symbols/characters, and uh, Vera! ^^

Physical description:
While Vera may be 7'2", Pneumo lumbers over her at over 8'. Lean, but with broad shoulders, a little belly, and a butt that... hmn... uh, what was I talking about?... oh! He has orange tips to his long mane which flows over halfway down his back, on the ends of the fur on the tip of his tail, and on the ends of the tufts on his elbows and calves. Digitigrade legs, dark brown-gray flesh (nose, pawpads, etc). Claws are white. Eyes are a dark blue-gray. His usual clothing style can be described as relaxed and gentlemanly, with hints of steampunk. Plenty of class and good taste.

Reference Images (click thumbnails - for some stupid reason, the FA links to some of these won't work and the http:// doesn't show before the d.facdn.net. Just add in the http:// before the d. to make it work right. 9_9)
(Best examples in bold)

. . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by Nick . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by wolfyu . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . .

. . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by me . . . . . . . . ^ by Chival . . . . .

. . . . . ^ by NexSix . . . . .

Other Character Entries:
1. Effigia
2. Gerine
3. Dahana
4. Platiste
5. Plush Vera

6. Ghaliya
7. Pneumo (you are here)
8. Delia

Sep. 17th, 2012

Vera Eyeball Princess

Halloween Costume Plans

I was trying to keep it a secret, especially since I keep waffling on what I want to do. x3 I've gone through so many ideas that are somewhat similar to this so far, but this one seems the most fun, the easiest, and the coolest-looking all around. I may be making her into a character at some point, even though she's basically just going to be a...
Read more...Collapse )

Sep. 12th, 2012


Character Entries 5: Plush Vera

Character Entries 5: Plushie Vera

Personality description:
To understand Plushie Vera, first you have to get to know "regular", non-plushie Vera. I view Vera is being the most like I am irl. She's been my main personal character since about '99, though she's changed drastically along with me over the years. She's garish, exotic, curious, nature-lover, loyal, clumsy, awkward, goofy, adventurous, strong yet gentle, a great swimmer and climber, but a terrible runner. Her only fear is the fear of being hurt/abandoned by her loved ones. She's intense and emotional, with the occasional mood swing, much like a cat. Her biggest fault is her anger and bitterness, but she struggles to not allow it to rear its ugly head too often. She can be suspicious and paranoid about new people, putting on a bolder face to present herself as someone who won't be tricked or taken advantage of... but when around her loved ones, she becomes a pathetically affectionate and playful little kitten.

The only way Vera changes in this form (besides her appearance and other physical traits) is that she becomes quite a bit more... unstable. I feel more like her in this form when I'm feeling trapped in my dream world where everything is alive, unpredictable and frightening. Vera becomes almost like some kind of "mad hatter" personality in this form; with varying personalities and a bit of a manic, invinsible flair. Every moment is like a neverending episode of dissociation. I personally have AiWS, night terrors, and a highly overactive imagination, which combined makes me feel a bit mad and out of control of myself. It's a scary feeling. So while Vera may be acting confident and overbearing in this form, part of what drives her madness is the fear she has of herself, and how her madness tends to overpower her better instincts and true desires. As long as she's feeling loved and positive, however, it's not usually so bad it becomes dangerous. But she's always on the brink, so anything may set her off and either scare or enrage her into a fit of madness. She never stops smiling, no matter how angry she may be... always smiling.

Physical description:
Chubby, plush body, orangey-yellow fur, dark pink (or dark olive) markings, cream belly & face areas, one single swirl on her right cheek and 3 dots on her left, dark purple yarn eyebrows & long yarn hair with a few strands of lime green and hot pink, hot pink button eyes (3), light pink w/ faded purple-blotched "flesh", green/turquoise horns (can be almost any shape, size or pattern), semi-realistic plushie organs made of shiny material w/patches & stitches, surrounded by white fluffy cotton stuffing in place of fatty tissues & muscle, insects living inside her stuffing, light lime green big teeth with fused canines, ultra-long tail (no markings, other than the end having a band of dark pink like her markings, and cream on the tip), puffy plush inner ears, eyeball collar, visible colored stitching, big digitigrade feet w/low-set dewclaws (almost monkey-like), random patches, some patterned like or resembling cockroaches, eyeballs or other bugs.

She is an enchanted plush, which means she has the ability to make her own little friends. Her favorite is KittyMonster, a white monster cat with orange yarn mouth, and alternating purple & green horns, claws and button eyes.

- She is quite thick/chubby.
- Her face is long, like a siamese cat's only a bit more big cat-like.
- She is meant to be more monstrous/frightening than sexy/seductive, though I know sometimes it's a fine line between crazy and sexy. :P
- She's about 7'2", but being a plushie, she may be different heights depending on how much she's altered herself.
- You can go wild with her abilities. She can pull out her guts, sew on multiple limbs, un-stitch herself almost anywhere; temporarily making herself a quad-amputee, or opening her mouth wide enough to swallow a character over half her size.
- She can be used in vorish situations, but no digestion, since she's just made of plush-ness. She sometimes swallows friends for fun, just so they can snuggle up in her innards and have a nap, to be released later through her side-stitching or belly.
- She has a tag on one side of her butt which can read almost anything. It can have humorous text depending on the mood or situation of the pic she's in.

Reference images (click for full un-cropped versions):

(all above by me)

Above art by (in order from first to last):
pirate-cashoo, squeedgemonster, piranhapettingzoo, tetrapoda, tetrapoda
Syntharia_Desire, Inkfall, Tigon(LJ), phantasmic, -marzipan-

Other Character Entries:
1. Effigia
2. Gerine
3. Dahana
4. Platiste
5. Plush Vera
(you are here)
6. Ghaliya
7. Pneumo
8. Delia

Sep. 2nd, 2012


Ink & graphite commissions

(right click/view image for larger)

(Last 4 examples are most recent.)

Base prices -
$50 for full-body
$35 for thighs-up
$20 for bust (chest-up)
$15 for headshot (neck-up)

May be a bit more for higher detail with simple background (such as THIS, which was $50). + $4 for shipping/packaging, $6 if outside the US. Can add multiple characters for extra. One-color toned digitally for free, if you prefer. These will range in size. 8 1/2x11" cardstock for full-body, half that for thighs-up, 1/4 that for bust, down to about 4x4" for headshots. Darker characters wear down my pencils really fast, so I tend to make them on the smaller end. Paypal only. Comment with up to 3 image refs and a few short descriptive words for pose/expression/personality/prop/whatever else might be important. Any rating, anthro, human or feral, and will draw almost any theme/fetish. They'll be done within a month. Please don't send me reminders; I keep a personal queue. If I have progress to show you it will be sent to you. You can request your money back if the commission isn't done within a month's time. Thanks for looking!


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