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Halloween Costume Plans

I was trying to keep it a secret, especially since I keep waffling on what I want to do. x3 I've gone through so many ideas that are somewhat similar to this so far, but this one seems the most fun, the easiest, and the coolest-looking all around. I may be making her into a character at some point, even though she's basically just going to be a...

creepy-ish white werewolf/ghost. Pretty basic. Here's the sketch I have of her.

She basically came into existence when I was trying to plan a Rickets costume. Those of you who watch my non-furry FA account should know her. I still want to make a costume of her one day, but for now, I think I should stick to something a bit simpler. Her head-cage is just too complex for me to figure out. ;; But yeah, I already got the posture collar, and I plan on making the mask and skirt myself. I'm moderately familiar with sculpey, and I plan on making it as light as possible by sculpting it around a tin foil base. I could probably use some of that "creepy cloth" around a dark brown or black long silky skirt, or make it entirely myself. For the corset, I reeeally love this one, though it's a bit pricey (cheap for a good quality corset, though). For the hair/mane, I was thinking this one. I'd be brushing all the hair straight back and making it look a bit tangled and uneven. Hopefully the mask would help kind-of hold it down in the front so it would go back easier and look more natural. I want elbow-length, furless white paws with long claws and fur going from the base of the fingers to the elbow. I found these, which seem pretty accurate, if just a bit too dark. I could probably fix that with a little white spray paint or something? Perhaps something more temporary, like that colored hair spray they sell around Halloween. I don't recall if I've seen it in white, though ;_;

I'm working on a story for her. It's a strange character considering she's technically furry, but would be part of my ghost world, which a world that houses most of my non-anthro creatures and monsters. Being a ghost from Rickets' world, she would have a still-living counterpart who is somehow living a torturous, traumatizing life in the real world. The girl's story would have to relate to the werewolf's appearance somehow. I imagine snow, death, perversion, secrets, lost love, and a broken heart.
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