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Artists: Christmas Request

My fella has had a rough time at work the past two weeks... he does so much, then comes home and does some more, despite me. :P I've never been with someone so hard-working, and he LOVES it and doesn't hold it against me that I get to sit at home all day drawing for a living and taking care of all our critters. He deserves so much... I'd love him to get nice art for Christmas from more than just me! So if anyone has the time and kindness to do so, his character refs/info can be found HERE! I'd really love to see art of him & Vera together (nothing adult, plz), especially if it's traditional art that could be mailed to us (I'd pay shipping!) by Christmas? Thanks to anyone who does this for him/us ;u; I wish I had the time and money to do more art/send gifts this year... I was really hoping I'd be more caught up by now, but with my main computer down (yes, still - working on it!), it's been tough :c
Tags: art, christmas, nick, request
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